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What’s Your Privacy Protection Strategy?

Data Privacy Protection Privacy Interface ConceptWhen a breach occurs, it’s all over the news. Unfortunately, many small business owners take an “it won’t happen to me” approach to privacy protection. Don’t fall into the same trap. In this blog, we offer strategies for boosting your privacy protection strategy.

Breach Reporting

Organizations suffering a breach may face legal ramifications and substantial fines. As a result, your privacy protection strategy should include a method for reporting data loss, whether the breach is actual or suspected. A breach reporting service helps you explore legal requirements to report the loss of personally identifiable information (PII) to authorities and notify affected individuals. It gives your organization access to a team of privacy experts who assess and may reduce your liability exposure.

Media Storage

Backing up your sensitive data is a best practice, but it doesn’t end there. Have a plan for safeguarding your backup media from unauthorized access.

An offsite data protection service offers professional storage and management of your backup media. It eliminates the risk of an employee taking media home and having it lost, stolen, or damaged. Instead, your media should be stored and tracked in a specialized media vault. Further, video surveillance technology inside and outside the vault records all vault access, so you know your media has not been removed by an unauthorized individual

Document Protection

It’s easy to focus solely on threats to your digital information. But paper record breaches still happen, and you need a plan for protecting confidential documents and files. An offsite document storage service minimizes external and internal threats to your paper records. Records are stored in a record center designed to uphold the confidentiality of your information. Barcode tracking technology records an audit trail of your file inventory activity, while 24-hour monitored video surveillance systems record any access to your files.

Information Destruction

Your information has a lifespan. Don’t make the mistake of holding on to documents and data longer than necessary; permanent retention may increase your privacy breach risk. A NAID AAA Certified shredding service offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for destroying expired paper records and electronic media, and you receive a Certificate of Destruction afterward.

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